Simple Question. Complicated Answer.

Think about the first time you meet someone. Naturally, you seek commonalities so you resort to questions about where they live, about their job, and about their family. But sometimes seemingly simple questions can be the most difficult to answer. For loss parents, it’s the family-oriented ones that are complicated. How many times have you asked … More Simple Question. Complicated Answer.


This was our first major holiday without our son and dare I say we enjoyed it? How? Before I get to that, you have to know what the week before was like to have a full appreciation of the outcome. Eight days prior to Thanksgiving, I assured my counselor I would not need a session … More Thankful


I preface this entire post with this: I am not formally credentialed to be advising anyone through grief. Having only lost a few significant people in my life, death and grief are actually unnatural topics for me. With that said, I’ve been wanting to write about emotional triggers and offer informal advice for anyone who, … More Triggers