We are grateful to have had a beautiful first pregnancy with our son Everett (a.k.a. “E”)! It was with much heartbreak that we lost E on December 15, 2016 and delivered him stillborn the following day.

While his time with us was far too short, his impact has been tremendous! Inspired by Everett, our friends and family started doing Random Acts of Kindness in his name. It is one way that we lovE to keep his spirit alive and to cherish the lessons he taught us.

Inspired by our strong community of supporters, we created the “With love” community to do the same for you! It is with the love that Everett taught us that we share, we grieve and we act together.

Our mission is to help support anyone who experiences infant loss and to expand the imprint your infant made on the world. We aim to (1) help others understand this type of loss and grief through sharing (2) provide a social network of support and (3) inspire Random Acts of Kindness in memory of your loved one. It has been a tremendous way for us to heal and we hope it provides support and solace for you as well!

The “With love” community believes that everyone’s story is unique, deserves validation, and can have a tremendous impact on others. Please feel free to message us on Facebook if you’re interested in supporting others by sharing your story!